The Privacy Projects

Who We Are

The Privacy Projects is a blog built in aim to teach newcomers about software and websites vulnerabilities, detecting exploits in computer systems & networks. All of this is shortly called hacking.

Hacking, if learned on a higher level of skills, can be used in good, but also in bad goals. A hacker who has bad plans in mind with their knowledge is called a blackhat hacker.
On the opposite side, a whitehat hacker is the one who is doing things for good, such as searching for vulnerabilities in goal to prevent software/device from being attacked and compromised.
A blackhat hackers use their skills for their own benefits and usually for profits and their activities are mostly illegal.

If you on which of these sides The Privacy Projects stands, the answer would be a whitehat one.

Who we are?
We are two web developers & programmers from Vancouver, active in this field from late 90’s. So, with over 20 years of experience in this career.

Our goal is to teach readers about dangerous side of internet, and how you can protect yourself and your devices from getting compromised. We share news gathered from many cybersecurity blogs and explain them on our way we think it will benefit for someone in a good manners.

If you however sometimes see a hacking related guide on this website, keep in mind it’s shared only for ethical purposes. Because sometimes to learn how to protect yourself from hacking attempt, you need to know how these methods function.

Hope you will like our articles and see you around! 🙂