Our Promise

Privacy Promise

The Privacy Projects bases all of its activities, communications, and business processes on the premise that personally-identifiable information, or PII, is critically important and requires both our respect and protection.

Although TPP has a short history, our Directors include leading privacy professionals with long-standing reputations in maintaining personal data.  We have never lost, disclosed, or otherwise compromised personal information and we maintain reasonable and appropriate safeguards to continue that excellent record.  We remain accountable for our privacy promise; if you have questions or need more information, write to us at info@theprivacyprojects.com.

PII Collection

As all modern companies do, we collect personal information when individuals knowingly provide it; we do not collect any PII without first providing individuals an opportunity to understand what we are collecting, how we will use it, with whom we may share it and how we protect it.  Should you share your PII with us, we will safeguard it from all uses and disclosures that are outside the promises we made when we collected it.


We use your PII to communicate with you for a variety of reasons, including keeping you informed about our research and educational activities.  You can contact us at anytime to request we not communicate with you; you can also ask us to delete your PII from our systems; we will comply immediately.

PII Sharing

We do not share your PII unless you request that we do.  There is an exception, which is standard procedure for all responsible companies, which is that we will share PII in the event we know of or perceive a reason to do so to comply with the law, to report suspected criminal activities, or to protect our safety and that of others.

PII Safeguards

We protect PII from unauthorized use, disclosure, loss, or corruption by limiting access to digital and physical copies, controlling our premises and equipment and deploying technologies designed to safeguard all of our confidential data.  Our personnel are trained to protect PII and exercise care for all PII under their control.

PII Storage

We store only the minimum PII needed to serve our clients, customers, and other parties.  All PII that is no longer needed is disposed of completely to prevent any unauthorized disclosure.

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